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What Do You Do If You Have A Flat Tire?

By ampmautos25678866, Jun 14 2016 06:58PM

What do you do if you have a flat tire?

a. Keep driving and hope for the best

b. Pull over and put on the spare tire

c. Pull over and use the can of "fix a flat"

Answer: a,b, and c

That's right, we have seen all of the above. Obviously choice (a) keep driving and hope for the best is exactly what you should not do but you would be amazed to learn that it is done quite often. The tire goes flat, the driver continues to drive on it, the rubber shreds then falls away leaving the rim exposed with sparks flying. Not only does the tire need to be replaced but the rim as well. Rims are expensive.

Pull over to put on the spare tire is a great idea, but what if the car doesn't have a spare tire? Many of the new cars, some Chevys, and manufacturers such as Hyundai and Kia do not have spare tires. Open the trunk and you will find an inflator pump and a can of "fix a flat". That's good for a small hole but does not work on large holes and if the "fix a flat" slime clogs up the TPMS sensor (inside the tire) the TPMS light will remain on (dashboard light) because the sensor can no longer read the air pressure. So now you have to repair/replace the tire and replace and program the TPMS sensor.

So the best answer is (b) pull over and put on the spare tire if you have one and the knowledge of how to change a tire. We will cover that next time.

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