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Wake Up Call to Chrysler

By ampmautos25678866, Jun 23 2016 03:45PM

Did you see the news about the young actor Anton Yelchin who was killed by his Jeep Grand Cherokee? The thing that is so crazy is this is not a new problem. The issue was first flagged as a problem in August of 2015. And for those who may not understand the problem, here it is in a nutshell. In the old days if you wanted to put you car into park from drive you moved the shifter from D to P. You could both feel and see that happen. In the new cars the shifter is now electronic which means the shift lever is no longer connected to the transmission. You don't have that sense that you are moving the gears. You have to stop and look at the shifter display to make sure you are in the gear you think you are. And sometimes you think you are in park and you are really in neutral. That is what happened to Anton Yelchin. And FYI this involves 2014-2015 Jeep Grand Cherokees and 2012-2014 Dodge Chargers and Chrysler 300s.

So what is Chrysler doing about it? Here is the time line:

July 2015: Ntl Highway Traffic Safety Admin publicly chastized Chrysler for delaying recalls back to 2013

August 2015: Chrysler first flags this as an issue

November 2015: Chrysler provides 10 pages of detailed answers to questions from fed regulators

February 2016: 314 complaints, 121 crashes, 30 injuries reported

March 2016: Chrysler says it has "potential solutions"

April 2016: 212 crashes, 41 injuries reported

June 2016: Death of Anton Yelchin, first fatality reported

A Chrysler spokesperson says they are doing a better job on recalls saying "last month Chrysler recalled one million more vehicles with deadly Takata airbags ahead of schedule". Thanks for reminding us of that. If I were going to rent or purchase a car it would never be a Chrysler. Imagine if everyone did that?

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